Greater realism with GPU accelerated features enabled for SOLIDWORKS® 2015 and 2016 users
The latest AMD FirePro™ professional graphics cards were designed for advanced SOLIDWORKS® workflows and simultaneous engineering, combining complex CAD modeling with sophisticated rendering and simulation (CAE). Unlike consumer graphics, the AMD FirePro™ professional graphics cards provide a number of GPU accelerated features and SOLIDWORKS-specific optimizations, delivering increased realism, outstanding performance and greater interactivity for designers and engineers.

It also features a number of SOLIDWORKS-specific optimizations to ensure designers and engineers get the most out of their workstation. With the latest AMD FirePro™ driver available today, experience the graphics performance with SOLIDWORKS® 2015 when using the new AMD FirePro™ W-series graphics cards.

CASE STUDIES Learn how AMD FirePro™ professional graphics with SOLIDWORKS gave RJ Herbert and Wills Wings confidence in their designs. Click to download RJ Herbert or Wills Wings.

SEE THE DIFFERENCE Live demonstration of performance advantage of a professional AMD FirePro™ GPU vs a similarly priced consumer GPU for SOLIDWORKS 2015.

For enquiries if you are residing in India:
Manmit Desai, Business Development Manager, Professional Graphics of AMD India Private Limited
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1Based on comparison of AMD FirePro™ Professional Graphics vs Nvidia Quadro in Dassault SOLIDWORKS 2015 running SPECapc SOLIDWORKS Digger ShadedWithEdges+RealView+Shadow. System Config: Intel E5-1660 at 3.30 GHz, 16GB RAM, Windows 7 64-bit SP1, AMD driver 14.301 beta11, Nvidia driver 340.656. AMD Internal Testing.
2AMD Eyefinity™ technology supports up to six DisplayPort™ monitors on an enabled graphics card. Supported display quantity, type and resolution vary by model and board design; confirm specifications with manufacturer before purchase. To enable more than two displays, or multiple displays from a single output, additional hardware such as DisplayPort-ready monitors or DisplayPort 1.2 MST-enabled hubs may be required. Maximum two active adapters supported. See for full details.

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