For virtualized workstation deployments, AMD FirePro™ S-Series server cards can support users in Dedicated and Shared GPU configurations, in combination with hypervisor technologies from Citrix®, Microsoft® and VMware®.
DEDICATED GPU MODEL Dedicated GPU or direct GPU pass-through means 1 GPU per user or virtual machine. This model is best for professionals who traditionally have worked on a physical desktop workstation with a higher performing discrete GPU.

Power Users are typically professionals in the Design, Engineering and Manufacturing industries. These users tend to work across multiple applications, and large models and datasets will need a dedicated GPU assigned to them that resides in a server in the data center. The Power user will have direct access to the virtual machine on the GPU, and will not be required to share GPU processing power with any other user. These types of users tend to spend more of their day rendering 3D models and designs.

To support Power Users with a virtualized workstation, in a one GPU per user model, AMD FirePro™ S-Series server cards are compatible with hypervisors from both Citrix and VMware.

AMD FirePro™ S-Series server cards support VMware ESXi for Dedicated GPU deployments for Power Users.
SHARED GPU MODEL The Shared GPU model enables one professional graphics card to support multiple users/virtual machines at once. This model is best for average knowledge workers using basic desktops or laptops and office apps, or professionals working with CAD/CAM/CAE apps that require an entry to mid-range discrete GPU.

To support Knowledge Workers or Power Users in a Shared GPU model, AMD FirePro™ S-Series server cards are compatible with virtualized desktop and workstation technologies from Microsoft® and VMware.

With the Shared GPU model, professionals working in architecture, design, engineering and manufacturing can also be supported.

The Power User working with small to large models and datasets typically needs a dedicated GPU. However, due to the nature of their work they may not need the power of a dedicated GPU all day long. Unlike a Power User, these professionals only spend a small part of their day rendering models and designs. As such, extra graphics processing power is available that could be shared with another user working at a comparable level.


Virtualization brings many benefits for both IT and for end users. The ability to access a desktop remotely from any device, including laptops, tablets, thin clients or smartphones, means users can always access key information and projects. This can help improve productivity and customer responsiveness, whether on the move, at the office, or at home.

AMD FirePro™ S-Series server cards make it easy for IT to choose one flexible, scalable solution to meet various employee needs. To best meet the needs of your business and user base, AMD FirePro™ S-Series server cards are compatible with the latest virtualization technologies from VMware®, Microsoft® and Citrix®.

AMD FirePro™ S10000 AMD FirePro™ S9050 AMD FirePro™ S7000

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1AMD Eyefinity™ technology can support multiple displays using a single enabled AMD FirePro™ professional graphics card; the number of supported displays varies by card model. Microsoft® Windows® 7, Windows Vista®, or Linux® is required in order to support more than 2 displays. Depending on the card model, native DisplayPort™ connectors and/or certified DisplayPort™ active or passive adapters to convert your monitor’s native input to your card’s DisplayPort™ or Mini-DisplayPort™ connector(s) may be required. See for details.

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